Grass seed and Lawn seed mixtures

Grass seed for gardeners, and landscaping. Sow lawn seed mixtures for Ornamental Lawn, Front and Back Lawn, Childs play lawns, Low Maintenance with many custom grass seed mixtures including Woodland and heavy shade.

All grass seed prices include delivery to mainland UK

Lawn seed
Back lawns
Front lawn
Embankment for slopes
Low Maintenance
Ornamental lawn for a luxurious lawn
Shaded lawn
Universal Lawn and landscaping Value mixture for lawns and larger areas
Woodland and Heavy shade


Ornamental Lawns and Greens Grass Seed Mix
(Show Lawn) GPR20

For that luxurious lawn our premium blend of fescue's for quality fine lawns, bowling greens and golf greens.

Ornamental lawn grass seed. An excellent blend of the best varieties of fescue grasses ensuring a high quality fine ornamental lawn that has a fine dense sward, free from coarse species that is required to see the full benefit of the short fine varieties.
Ideal for Ornamental lawns, croquet lawns, golf greens a mixture without ryegrass.
Recommended sowing rate 35g/m sq for over seeding sow at 20g/m sq. Mowing height once established down to 5mm.



Front Lawn Mix GPS03

Front lawn grass seed an excellent value mixture that will produce a fine front lawn, that will withstand a minimum amount of wear.  For lawns with heavier usage choose back lawn mix.
Sowing rate 35g/mē on bare areas,  20g/m sq on thin areas can be mown down to 12mm



Back Lawn Mix GPS04
Ideal for Children's Play areas and hard wearing quality lawns

A hard wearing back lawn grass seed mixture that is ideal for children's play areas, lawns with heavier usage, sports areas and landscaping. This mixture produces a quality economical grassed area.
Sowing rate 35g/mē on bare areas,  20g/m sq on thin areas can be mown down to 12mm



Universal Lawn and Landscape mixture GPR70

Universal lawn, landscaping, golf tees and fairways. A quick establishing lawn mixture containing ryegrass, producing a hard wearing sward. A superior mixture to Canada grass, as quick to germinate, specially designed for the amenity leisure market, has a greater shoot density, slow growing, and finer leaved for a smoother cut.
  This mixture will tolerate some traffic from children and pets. A good mixture for use on rear lawns. 
Recommended sowing rate 35 sq over seeding sow at 25 sq Mowing height down to 12mm.



For Shaded places The Shaded Area Lawn Mixture GPR60

Shaded lawn grass seed. Simply the best mixture available for grassing shady areas, being excellent for both wear and shade tolerance. A slow growing very high quality grass mixture. The Dwarf PRG will give quick establishment and act as a nurse crop for the slower to develop shade tolerant species.  Can be sown for all conditions, shade, semi-shade and sun, under trees, between buildings etc. The lawn should not be mowed too close. Infrequent mowing is the secret to a successful shade tolerant lawn.
Recommended sowing rate 50g/m sq over seeding/thin areas sow at 30g/m sq. Mowing height down to 50mm.



Low Maintenance, Drought Tolerant & Golf Roughs Mix  GPS06

Not just a slow growing low maintenance mix suitable for low maintenance areas, landscaping, golf roughs but also dry soils, and as a base mix for wildflowers

Low maintenance grass seed. This mixture is well suited to areas that require the minimum amount of maintenance, it may be cut as often as twice a year and will develop into a low maintenance sward up to approx 100cm tall, excellent mixture to add wildflowers. Golf courses are increasingly contributing to the conservation of the countryside, this mix will therefore provide grassland suitable for use as a wildlife habitat.
Sowing rate 25g/m sq on bare areas, 10g/m sq over seeding / thin areas. Mowing height as required.


Landscaping Grass Seed
Rapid Growth landscaping and sports fields
Bird Strike
DOT Verge mixture
Low Maintenance
Shaded Area
Summer Sports Paying Fields



Rapid Growth GPR1002
Rapid Growth is a combination of three specifically selected rye grasses, Coliseum, Verdi and Top Gun which have been chosen to give rapid establishment and germination, even at lower temperatures. Suitable for a wide variety of landscaping and sports amenity applications that receive heavy wear, ideal for lawns, school fields, industrial sites, winter sports grounds, golf tees, fairways, the inclusion of Coliseum aids winter growth.





Woodland and Heavy Shade Mix GPR1001

Woodland and heavy shade grass seed. Due to the number of requests for a woodland area grass mix the following mixture has been specially mixed for uses in wooded area, orchards, woodland walks, hedgerows and areas with a canopy above.
Suitable for establishing a grass sward beneath mature trees in heavy woodland areas or beside buildings in business parks, schools and factories. The species are the best for the conditions they are to be sown in and they will produce a green cover in often very difficult conditions. Mowing should be kept to a minimum and not cut too short for a shade tolerant lawn or area.

Mowing height as required but Optimum height approx 15cm, the height should never be reduced by more than 50% when mowing. Can be mown once a month. Suitable for use as a lawn but the use of Yorkshire Fog may make it slightly rough to the touch. Sowing rate 50 g/m sq over seeding 30g/m sq on thin areas.





Coastal Grass Seed Mixture  GPS08

A coastal grass seed mixture that has been designed to help stabilise soil and reduce the risk of erosion on sites that are exposed to salt and sandy areas.
Sowing rate 35g/m sq over seeding 20g/m sq on thin areas mowing height down to 20mm



Embankment Grass Seed Mixture Mix GPS14

Embankment grass seed non rye grass mixture, slow growing and low maintenance ideally suited to slopes and banks, with varieties that aid soil stabilization on steep banks and slopes. 
Recommended sowing rate 50g/m sq on bare areas, over seeding sow at 30g/m sq Mowing height down to 25mm.





D.O.T. Verge Mix  GPS07
Includes delivery to Mainland England, Wales and Lowlands of Scotland only.

DOT verge grass seed. The official Ministry of Transport Mixture for roadside use.  Used on road verges, embankments, and central reservations. It is quick to establish and offers some tolerance of salt and exhaust fumes.
Sowing rate 25g/m sq on bare areas and 10g/m sq on thin areas. Mowing height as required.
Prices include UK mainland Delivery



Bird Strike GPS05
Includes delivery to Mainland England, Wales and Lowlands of Scotland only.

Birdstrike grass seed mixture for long grass management for airports, mowing height 150mm. Sowing rate 20g/m2 over seeding rate 10g/m2




Paddock / Grazing Mixture GPR199
The price you see is the price you pay
Includes delivery to Mainland England, Wales and Lowlands of Scotland only.
Delivery - Normally despatched in 24 hrs on a 2-3 day courier service
Sustainable horse and paddock grass seed.

Sports Fields
All Bent Mixture for Golf greens and Bowling Greens
Cricket Wicket
Premier Golf and Bowling Greens
Premier Tees and Fairways
Premier Winter Sports
Summer SPorts
Tees and Fairways
Traditional Golf and Bowling Greens

Traditional Golf Greens and Bowling Greens Mix GPS09 

A 80/20 Golf and Bowling Greens grass seed mixture that offers professional results, a fine dense sward and will also tolerate a very close cut. Leaves an excellent playing surface and is used on many of the golf courses and bowling greens in the UK.
Sow at 35g/m sq, over seeding at 20g/m sq mowing height down to 5mm

Premier lawn Golf Greens and Bowling Greens Mix GPS10

Premier golf and bowling greens grass seed mixture also one of the finest lawn seed mixtures. Golf is now a year round sport and with the intensity of play now makes effective overseeding of worn areas an essential part of the maintenance program if playing surfaces are to be maintained to a high standard.
This Premier golf greens and bowling greens mix is excellent for high quality golf greens, bowling greens and produces a high quality playing surface capable of withstanding year round wear. Ideal for greens providing rapid germination, a fine putting, bowling surface and excellent year round colour. Makes a very high quality playing surface with a compact and dense sward with a mowing height of just 5mm.

Recommended sowing rate 35g/m sq, over seeding at 20g/m sq mowing height 5mm


All Bent Mix GPS21 

A mixture of 2 of the best brown top bent varieties, this is the best brown top bent to re seed worn or damaged golf greens and bowling greens. Produces compact playing surface, can be closely mown.
Recommended sowing rate 8g/m sq, over seeding at 4g/m sq mowing height down to 4mm

Premier Tees and Fairways Mixture GPS01 (with ryegrass)

Premier lawn mixture, for quality lawns, landscaping, golf tees and fairways.
Professional mixture that is ideal where a quality fine leaved hard wearing turf is required.
Recommended sowing rate 35g/m sq Over seeding/thin areas sow at 20g/m sq
Mowing height down to 12mm.


Grass seed mixtures for summer and winter sports areas

Cricket Wicket Mix GPS16

Cricket wicket grass seed mixture offers two quality fine leafed perennial rye grasses, ideal for renovating high usage sports areas, cricket wickets etc.

Recommended sowing rate 35g/m sq over seeding at 20g/m sq mowing height 12mm



Summer Sports and Playing Fields Mix GPS11

Summer sports and playing fields grass seed. The grass seed mixture summer sports and playing fields contains both perennial ryegrass (2 fine leaved varieties) and fescues, will wear well and is an excellent  mixture for sports fields, tennis courts and cricket fields where a dense even sward is required.
Sowing rate 35g/m sq and over seeding 20g/m sq mowing height down to 12mm


Premier Winter Sports Renovation & Playing Fields Mix GPS12

Mixture consists of 3 of the best varieties available for sports field renovation
Premier winter sports and paying fields grass seed. This winter sports renovation and playing fields mixture contains some of the best varieties available for use in renovating heavy duty sports fields. This mixture will not only establish quickly to leave a dense hard wearing and durable playing surface, ideal for heavy duty sports use.
Sowing rate 35g/m sq over seeding 20g/m sq on thin areas Mowing height down to 25mm



Utility Mix For Landscaping Tees and fairways (No Rye Grass)  GPS02

A quality landscape, tees and fairway grass seed mixture without perennial rye grass.
A versatile fine leaf grass seed mixture that has a tolerance to close cutting.
 Sow 35g/m sq on bare areas 20g/m sq over seeding. Mowing height down to 12mm



Sowing at 50g/sqm 20kg covers approx 400sqm